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假冒产品: 任何假冒或伪造产品都不得享有伯爵表所提供的任何服务。



下文所列的PIAGET 国际保修条款适用于美国和加拿大除外所有其它国家中出售或进行保修的PIAGET 腕表(在美国和加拿大对PIAGET腕表实施限期保修)。

您的PIAGET腕表享受为期24个月的保修, 负责保修所有的生产瑕疵, 保修期自购买腕表之日起计算。 具体的保修条款列举如下。 只有获得PIAGET 认可的特许经销商或售后服务中心才有能力提供符合质量的售后服务; 为此, 只允许获得PIAGET 认可的特许经销商或售后服务中心在遵守PIAGET原则的前提下从事PIAGET国际保修业务。 因生产瑕疵所导致, 且由我们技术部门正式确认的任何零件损坏, 均将被免费更换。

特在此明文规定: 本国际保修不包括下述事宜:
- 由于事故,操作不当,使用不当,不正确使用或滥用(例如撞击,有敲打痕迹,挤压,非防水腕表情况下的氧化等) 所导致的缺陷;
- 真皮表带;
- 正常的磨损和老化;
- 腕表或者腕表零件被偷盗或丢失。


在您保修PIAGET 腕表时, 为能享受PIAGET 国际保修, 您必须出示正确填写,注明日期, 由PIAGET 认可特许经销商盖章及签字的PIAGET保修卡。 请务必将本保修卡妥善保存。

作为一名消费者, 您也享受您所在国立法关于消费品销售的权利; 本项保修并不影响您享用这些权利。

1.涉及到石英机芯腕表, 只有在使用正确电池情况下, 本PIAGET 国际保修才具备效力。
2.若您所拥有的是防水腕表, 无论出于何种原因, 腕表外壳需要被打开 (例如: 更换电池), 请务必在每次打开腕表外壳之后, 由PIAGET 认可的售后服务中心或者PIAGET 认可的特许经销商对腕表进行防水性能测试, 否则本国际保修将不具备效力。

Limited Warranty (USA and Canada)

The following terms of the Piaget Limited Warranty apply to Piaget watches sold or presented for warranty service in the United States of America and Canada only and this Piaget Limited Warranty is in lieu of the Piaget International Guarantee covering any Piaget watch sold or presented for warranty service anywhere else in the World. Your Piaget watch is guaranteed for a period of twenty four months from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects, subject to the following conditions. Only authorised Piaget retailers or Piaget Service Centres are qualified to ensure appropriate after sales services and are authorised to provide the Piaget Limited Warranty service and in accordance with Piaget Instructions. Any part found by our technical services to be defective as a result of a manufacturing defect will be replaced at no charge.

Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, this Limited Warranty shall act as the exclusive manufacturer warranty. Neither this Limited Warranty nor any other warranties, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or of fitness for any particular purpose, shall extend beyond the period of twenty-four months from the date of purchase. The liability of Piaget is limited solely and exclusively to replacement as stated herein.

Piaget shall not be liable, by virtue of this Limited Warranty or otherwise, for any loss or damage arising out of the use or inability to use this watch or for any incidental or consequential damages relating in any way to this watch.

Some states, provinces or territories do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

The Piaget Limited Warranty does not cover:
- defects arising from damage, accidents, mishandling, incorrect or abusive use (knocks, dents, crushing, moisture in the case of non-water-resistant watches), alteration or repairs not performed by an authorised Piaget retailer or a Piaget Service Centre;
- leather straps;
- normal wear or ageing;
- theft or loss of the complete watch or components.

In order to benefit from this Piaget Limited Warranty, you will be required to present the Piaget Certificate, duly completed, dated, stamped and signed by an authorised Piaget retailer. Be sure, therefore, to keep this certificate in a safe place.

This Limited Warranty grants you specific legal rights, in addition to which you may have other rights which vary from state to state, from provinces to provinces and from territories to territories.

1. For watches fitted with a quartz movement, this Piaget Limited Warranty is valid only if the correct batteries are used.
2. If your watch is water-resistant, this feature will be guaranteed only if the Piaget Service Centre or an authorised Piaget retailer has performed the water resistant test after each time the case is opened, for any reason whatsoever (replacing the battery for example).




特在此明文规定:本保修不包括下述事宜: 由于事故、操作不当使用不当、不正确使用或滥用(如撞击、压、非防水腕表情况下的氧化等)所导致缺陷。改装或于非PIAGET认可的特约经销商所进行的操作及维修。


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